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Mobility Equipment Reviews

“Founder Hubert Von Holten not only designs the assistive technology at Life Essentials, he uses them. Most of the machinery at Life Essentials is used by Hubert himself on a day to day basis. Hubert and his staff personally design and build all of the machinery at Life Essentials so you can maintain your independence and improve your quality of life just like Hubert did.”

-Life Essentials Customer

“I figured I was lucky I could farm another year. Life essentials made it possible to get in and out of my farm equipment safely and without pain. They did exactly what they said they would do exactly when they said they would. Top notch from first phone call to all handicap equipment installed. When one of my lifts did not work I called and explained what is happened and they helped fix it over the phone. It was simply a blown fuse. GREAT people to work with. Thank you Life Essentials.”

-Ron F.

“Great company to work with. Bill, Jack, and Hubert are great people, and will do what it takes to get the job done! I’m one step closer to where I want to be this fall and that is back in the seat of the combine. Thank you, Life Essentials!”

-Jeff & Kristi A.

“I think it is great that this company can put people back to work! Plus my son and husband work for them too!”

-Tammy S.

“They do an awesome job putting people back to work that thought they would never be able to again. Best family ever. Come in as a stranger leave as a family member. God Bless them.”

-Laurie M.

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