Take Your Life Back with Hand Controls


Bob woke up early on a chilly, January morning and bundled himself in layers of clothing. He carried out his daily chores for the day until suddenly his sweatshirt got caught in the machinery, which caused him to dislocate his arm. He went through various therapy sessions and took time to let his arm heal, but he wanted to continue with his farm work. Bob heard positive reviews about Life Essentials and decided to call. The friendly customer service representative consulted with Bob about hand controls and Bob eagerly purchased his own! He was excited to get back to doing the work he loved.
The hand controls were different than what he was used to, but Bob quickly adjusted to working with them. He was ecstatic to be control of his life again and he had the independence to move around freely! The hand controls managed his pain and he noticed how effortlessly he could push the controls for it to move. The best part was that his sons, who also worked on his farm, could continue to use the equipment even with the hand controls in place. 
Life Essentials provides many hand controls to quickly and efficiently help people just like Bob get back to the work they know and love. Maybe you are not like Bob, and there are other reasons why you may need extra help. Perhaps, you are getting older, and the physical strain of doing hard labor or operating heavy equipment is wearing on your body. 
Whatever that reason may be, we have a wide range of mobility lift systems with hand controls that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We would be glad to discuss your solution to help you get accommodated to the farming life again. We also have various hand controls for different seasons. The weather and seasons are always changing, but this should never stop you from getting to where you need to be.
Additionally, hand control parts can be directly shipped and can be easily installed. We have many examples of modified brakes, throttles, and clutches for your residential, commercial, and agricultural vehicles. Check them out here. 

Why should you consider hand controls?

Hand controls offer users independence while ensuring that they can drive safely. Many people do not notice the difference in using hand controls since many are equipped with features that allow the driver to turn easily and effortlessly. You may need additional practice to learn how to use hand controls, but anyone can master this skill.

What are the benefits of using hand controls?

Hand controls have been developed throughout the years, so people are bound to find equipment that is well-suited to their diverse needs and circumstances. There are basic types of hand controls, but Life Essentials will be glad to speak to what types will work best for you! Our main goal is to help you comfortably live and operate any vehicle. We can also teach you how to use the machine to meet your any of your farming goals without pain holding you back from reaching them.

How are hand controls made?

Since there are so many variations of hand controls, there are no two that are alike. Therefore, when making hand controls, it is important to design them based on the needs of their operator. We ask what physical limitations may prevent the operator from effectively using their vehicle. The design must also assist the operator properly to reduce any future injuries. We can also position the hand controls, so it does not prevent a non-handicapped person from operating the vehicle.
Call us today to get specialized equipment. We also have additional videos from Mark and Gary about how their Life Essentials equipment helped them get around their farming tasks. We understand that life does not stop for anyone, but you should not stop living that life you want to lead. Invest in a solution that gets you back to doing what you love!