Stay Mobile: Get a Hand Clutch Control for your Devices


Are you having trouble controlling ride on vehicles due to lower body injuries or joint issues? Do you want the freedom of driving your own vehicle and taking care of your own lawn? Look no further than Life Essentials hand clutch control for all your vehicles.

Here at Life Essentials we believe that you shouldn’t be held back from doing the everyday tasks you love to do! That is why Life Essentials makes four different kinds of hand clutch control systems.

A Hand Clutch Installed on Your Vehicle

We make hand clutch controls for vehicles, specifically for your everyday vehicles such as personal cars, personal trucks, & personal RVs. We will install them on residential, commercial and agricultural vehicles too. We make hand clutch controls for any construction related vehicles that are personal, or commercial.  We make hand clutch controls for personal gardening vehicles, specifically your tractor or anything that you use for gardening around your home. If you have a unique motorized vehicle that hasn’t been mentioned and you’d like a hand clutch installed, give Life Essentials a call today and we can determine if the job is possible. Most likely, we’ll have you up and moving around in no time!


We are known for making custom hand clutch controls and helping make people just like you feel whole again. It’s not easy coping with a disability, much less the inability to perform the tasks you’re used to doing.  Allow us to help you get back out there and moving around again.  Let us help make life a little easier for you with a new hand clutch on your lawn mower, for example.


We offer a wide variety of custom applications for hand clutch control that will have you able to command almost anything with the movement of your hand. Gardening vehicles and agricultural vehicles are usually the easiest to make hand clutch controls for since the hand controls can be easily bolted to either the clutch or brake.  Whatever your vehicle, we’re all about getting you back in the seat again.  Get ready to do the things you loved doing outside of your home before your injury or joint issues becoming a problem.


So, if you know of someone who has joint issues or has a lower body injury that has prevented them from doing the things that they enjoy outdoors and outside of the home, contact us at Life Essentials.


If you have any questions about hand clutch controls take a look at our vehicle hand controlspage at or call us at (765) 563-3158.