Say You Can Take The Stairs Again, Use Our Stair Lift in The Comfort of Your Home


Many people face the problem of impairments or old age and suddenly cannot use the second floor of their home. Why let your impairment take over your life?  Life Essentials can provide you residential lift services such as a stair lift so you can take charge again!

How Do I Use It?

All of our residential lifts can be operated by you. The best part is, you are totally independent with these because all of our products are made custom for you and your needs. The stair lift can pair well with some of our other residential lifts such as:

-The journeyman all terrain scooter which can be used indoors and outdoors.

-The action track chair, basically an off-road wheelchair that allows you to tilt your seat, making you capable of doing the things you love.

-The hand controls, which allow you to still drive even with a leg impairment, the power is literally in your hands with this one.

Using these three together, you can become fully mobile indoors, outdoors, upstairs and even on the road!


How Does it Help?

There are many ways in which this lift can help either you or your caretaker. Often, people are caught with the tough decision to either sell their home for a one floor home or even move into a nursing home with 24-hour care. Life doesn’t need to be that way anymore; with the stair lift from Life Essentials, you can stay in the home you love and continue to live your life to the fullest!


How Much Will it Cost Me?

At Life Essentials, we offer many programs for financing because we know life is expensive! But that doesn’t mean you should hold back on being completely mobile. We have many applications such as: for veterans in the US Department of Veterans Affairs, state-based funding through the Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Health Insurance or Workman’s Comp and even various websites that you can go to for wheelchair funding. When times are tough we know money can make them extra stressful, but don’t worry; we want the best for you so we provide many opportunities for funding.



These are some commonly asked questions that we believe will help you in the process of researching or investing in a stair lift. However, don’t be discouraged if you have more; contact us and we will be happy to answer whatever questions you have!


How does it work? Is it noisy?

The stair lift is controlled by something called a “rack and pinion” gear. Basically, the gears are rotational, and as they rotate, the lift travels in an upward movement. These gears allow the lift to be relatively quiet and not bothersome. Your personal responsibility when using the lift is to hold the lever until you reach the top, and swivel the chair towards your destination. Plain and simple!


Will this lift ruin my staircase?

The way the lift is designed entails no damage to your home. The weight of the lift is spread evenly throughout, therefore not weighing downward on one area or causing damage.


Can other people still use the stairs?

Yes, the stair lift has the ability to be set aside when it is not in use, therefore other people can easily access the stair.


Can Medicaid pay for the lift?

Yes, in some states Medicaid has special programs for funding, but you personally must qualify for this funding.

How do I get off the stairlift when I’ve reached the top?

Once you reach the top, the seat will swivel around, so you can get off on the flat surface or straight into a wheelchair if needed and not the stairs. This seat also blocks you from falling backwards down the stairs as well, ensuring your safety.


Life Essentials

Here at Life Essentials, we work hard to make your life more full! We know and understand that mobility is difficult sometimes, so we made it our mission to help you! We offer many different forms of mobility to help even the simplest of mobile-impairments. Contact us today to see how we can make your life easier.