Restoring Your Independence at Work, in the Home, and Outdoors!


Independence is everything, especially in the field of agriculture. Here at Life Essentials, we believe independence is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle! Do you want to be independent throughout your home and at work with the help of mobility equipment? Have you ever wanted to go off-roading in your mobility chair? If so, we’re the ones to call!

You see, here at Life Essentials, we offer a myriad of mobility products that help people with physical limitations take control of their lives and increase their independence. We are able to provide you with the perfect mobility chair to help you enjoy trips, increase your abilities at work, and allow you to easily get around your home. With nearly 40 years of experience in the field, our company produces innovative products that you can trust. Each product is carefully tailored to the customer’s individual needs, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a mobility chair that might not work for you. In fact, our team works incredibly hard to ensure that the product you purchase is perfect for your unique needs. With that, let’s dive into a view of our featured mobility products!

Featured Product #1: Journeyman All Terrain Scooter

Our Journeyman All Terrain Scooter is a reliable, multifaceted mobility chair that is small enough to fit into tight kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and other small spaces, yet powerful enough to trek over rough terrain. One of the most powerful mobility chairs on the market, the Journeyman All Terrain Scooter has a total of four electric motors that supply one horsepower to each of the rear wheels.

This mobility chair is the perfect all-terrain vehicle. It is incredibly versatile and allows you to go from your home and office to outdoor work and recreation, which also means that you can reclaim the independence that you desire and rightfully deserve!

As you can tell, our company is focused on bringing you the highest quality products on the market. Backed by one-year warranties and requiring little maintenance, we are confident that our products will restore mobility, independence, and freedom in our customers’ lives.

Featured Product #2: Action Track Chair

Our Action Track Chair allows users to independently explore the great outdoors, whether it be through campgrounds and hiking trails, or over sandy beaches and frozen lakes. Featuring a power seat tilt and tank-like treads, the Action Track Chair is top-of-the-line when it comes to off-road mobility chairs.

With the help of the Action Track Chair, being restricted to staying on the road is a thing of the past. The Action Track Chair restores your power of choice—joining recreational activities is no longer a means of whether or not your equipment can withstand the task.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a few stray questions? We have answers! See if your question is listed below!

1. Is there a warranty?

Our organization provides customers with one-year limited warranties. Assuming the lift has been properly taken care of, most parts are covered for up to two years.

2. How much weight can a mobility chair hold?

We build our mobility chairs to support up to 325 pounds; however, if you need your mobility chair to support more, our team is more than willing to customize it for you.

3. How fast can these chairs go?

Depending on the mobility chair you choose, it will be able to go between five and eight miles per hour. Here at Life Essentials, we can also program your chair to go faster or slower depending on your personal preferences. However, if you want your chair to go faster, it will have less torque; if you want your chair to go slower, it will have more torque.

4. How much maintenance is needed?

These mobility chairs require very minimal maintenance. As long you keep air in the tires and replace them when they are worn, you shouldn’t run into any problems. If you do, refer back to our one-year limited warranty.

6. How do I contact Life Essentials?

We are located in Brookston, Indiana at 8796 US 231. You can reach us by phone at (765) 563-3158 or fax at (765) 563-3257.