Custom Mobility Products

Power lifts for Tractors, Combines, RV's, and just about any off road equipment

Browse through the myriad of helpful mobility products we offer here at Life Essentials!

Custom Mobility Equipment

Take Your Life Back with Life Essentials’ Mobility Equipment

Life Essentials makes easy-to-use equipment, like tractor lifts, to help you get around your farm in the most efficient way possible. We offer a myriad of products for those in the field of agriculture, including: Tractor Pilot Lift, Ag Platform Lifts, our flatbed truck mounted pilot lift,  automatic hitch and PTO hook up equipment, AG camera systems and much more.

commerical mobility garden hand controls equipment

Garden Hand Controls

Our staff custom designs hand controls for lawn and garden equipment. We’ll help you get back to gardening without limitations.

Our Mobility Product Catalog

Browse through the myriad of helpful products we offer here at Life Essentials!

power wheelchair

Action Track Chair 


Starting At $11,300

The Action Trackchair and Trackstander come equipped with power seat tilt as a standard feature making it the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs. You will go places you didn’t think possible. With the Action Trackchair you will be able to navigate mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain and much more. Now you have the choice to stay on hard surfaces or go off-road.

all terrain power handicap scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters


Starting At $2,195

Life essentials is a dealer for several different types of mobility scooters.

Solex Transformer, shown in pictures, can take you to your airplane seat, then it folds up like a suitcase for being stowed.  This scooter weighs approx. 50#.  Has a airplane certified lithium battery.

Trikaroo Mobility Scooters have several models to choose from.  Trikaroo Flyer XL folds in half for easy storing, the seat can be set up as a single rider or a two seater.


vehicle hand controls


Bracket Hangs On Door Hinge

Starting at $6,500

At Life essentials, we design hand controls for most automobiles. Please contact us to discuss a solution for your specific need. The thumbnails below illustrate how vehicles can be modified so that the petals can be operated from the steering wheel.

steps for trucks

Life Essentials running Board Lift

                   Price increase eff. 4/1/2020

Electric Lift: $4,975
Hydraulic Lift: $4,975

    For Most Vehicles Drivers Or Passengers Can Use Most Existing Running Boards

vertical platform lift

Life Essentials Flatbed Pilot Lift

Starting At $36,750

For Access to AG or Industrial Equipment

step assist mobility equipment

RV Lifts

Starting At $3,400

Platform and Wheelchair Lifts For Most Travel Trailers and RVs


Residential Ramps

National Ramp Dealer

Gain access and freedom to your home

Call for a quote today!

Full ramp system

Folding ramps for travel and temporary uses

Agricultural Pilot mobility Lift

AG Pilot and Platform Lift

Starting At $12,250.00

Life Essentials AG Pilot & Platform Lift 

Access your equipment easier and safer, gain independence.

handicap equestrian lift mobility equipment


Portable Equestrian or Seat Lift

Starting At $12,400.

Life Essentials Portable Lift on a two wheel trailer with a sling or a seat arm for getting on horseback (therapeutic riding) or a seat to access equipment (skid steer, etc). Comes with full mechanical operation or mechanical vertical operation and manual horizontal swing

JOURNEYMAN handicap scooter

Journeyman Scooter

Starting at $12,500

Life Essentials Journeyman Scooter outdoor in rugged with 14' Seat Elevation Water Resistant up to 12" can be hosed down to down to clean.


Garden Hand Controls

Residential, Commercial, Agriculture, Hand Controls

We custom design hand controls for lawn mowers and garden equipment.

custom vehicle hand controls

Agriculture Hand Controls
Commercial, Agriculture, Hand Controls
Clutch and brake controls for tractors can be shipped directly to you and are easily installed. Typically, there is no modification needed to your tractor clutch or brake, because the hand controls can be bolted on. Please contact us (link) to discuss a solution for your specific need. View the thumbnails below to see examples of modified clutches, brakes and throttles we’ve done in the past.

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