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Mobility Equipment – Lift Chairs and More

Mobility Equipment - Lift Chairs and More


They say that home is where the heart is. Each day when you get home, you are greeted by your cozy bed, the warm embrace of your loved ones, and the chance to reminisce about fond memories and the potential of creating new ones. A home is a place where you can rest after a long and tiring day. However, it may be difficult to do the most straightforward task within your home due to a disability or lack of mobility caused by old age. These challenges take over your daily routines so much that your home becomes foreign to you. Our home mobility equipment can help make these issues, memories of the past. Our equipment, like our lift chairs, can easily be installed to help you participate in doing recreational activities or simply just navigating around your home.


Stair LiftsÂ

It may be daunting to take the stairs due to pain or other physical restrictions. Fortunately, with our stair lift, these issues can be removed from your list of preoccupations. The stair lifts use a rotation track to help you reach from the bottom of the stairs to the very top. Making your way down is just as easy as going up! The chair will swivel around, and transport you back to the bottom of the staircase. All you have to do is press on a lever until you reach your desired point within the stairwell. Worried about the chairlift causing a ruckus within your home? No need to fret! Since gears operate the stair lift, it does not make any disturbing noise. This means other individuals won’t be disturbed during early mornings or late evenings when you need to go up or down the stairs. The stair lift is also removable. This permits you with the flexibility to set it aside in case several people are using the stairs.


Personal Bed Lifts

The personal bed lift can provide you with increased mobility by enabling you to utilize the lift without the help of a caretaker. It is as easy as strapping yourself in! This technology allows you to be more efficient with your time. By being able to use it without another individual’s aid, you can implement the technology throughout your day as needed! Our bed lifts have been put through extensive testing to ensure that your experiences are as safe and efficient as possible.


Lift Recliners

If you need extra support getting up from your seat, a lift recliner can offer just the assistance you need. The recliner slowly raises you from either a sitting or standing position, so you do not have to worry about falling back or losing your balance. Furthermore, the recliner can decrease any pain you may be feeling thanks to our secure straps and support. This is extremely important if you recently had surgery and are still in the healing process. The seat can even be adjusted if you want to get into a comfortable position or would like to rest your feet on a hard surface. Speaking of comfort, this is also a great option if you prefer sleeping in a chair, rather than a bed.


The Benefits of Our Technologies

There are many advantages of having a stair lift, bed lift, and lift recliner installed in your home. Please contact one of our Life Essentials Representatives if you have any questions about how these recreational lifts can help redefine what home means to you.  We believe that you deserve to be comfortable, especially in your own home. Life Essentials can help you get back to living comfortably and confidently once again!  “Home sweet home,” will become frequent in your vocabulary. Call us today to get started!