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Grab a Seat: Mobility Lifts for Trucks

Grab a Seat: Mobility Lifts for Trucks


Look at this man; he’s injured his leg. How did he injure his leg? It doesn’t matter. Now he has to deal with it. Well, how will he do that? “None of that talk,” he says. He’ll never give up—an injured leg isn’t enough to stop him—so he’s going to work. But he has to drive his truck to work…and with that injury, he can’t even get in the cab…


Mobility Lifts for Trucks

This sounds like a job for Life Essentials! We offer a wide variety of custom solutions for getting you into and out of your vehicle. We have running board lifts for those who can walk but with difficulty, and we even have a variety of lifts that work with wheelchairs and power scooters. Our mobility lifts for trucks are custom built using the latest innovations and technology. We seek to find the best fit for your specific vehicle and your specific needs—whether it’s help getting in and out, being lifted in and out, or whatever else you may need a lift for.


Life Essentials can provide mobility lifts for trucks which can attach to your power scooter, lift you into the driver’s seat, and then lift the scooter back into the bed of your truck while automatically closing the cap, making it seem like there’s no scooter in there at all!


Life Essentials


Hubert Von Holten contracted polio at the age of 5. When he got older, he still felt an obligation to help his father around the farm. He began with an elevated throttle on a Model A car, which allowed him to get around effectively. Soon, he started adapting farm equipment for his own use. In 1986, he was approached by Purdue University for the purpose of building what is now the Pilot Lift, which was designed to help a Vermont farmer get into his tractor. From there, Life Essentials blossomed into its present state.


37 years of experience has well equipped us with the tools and tips of the trade. You don’t have to give up on seeing the great outdoors—traveling, camping, fishing, and road trips—just because you have a little trouble getting around.


Life Essentials builds every product to suit each customer’s needs. There are no extra items on the shelves—our products are built per spec to meet the needs of each individual customer.


The 21st Century


It’s really looking like the 21st century nowadays. We have smart phones, electric cars, advanced medical equipment, and now we have mobility lifts for trucks that can fold into the truck bed as though they’re from a comic book!


Further still, we can design hand controls for most automobiles. For those that cannot use their legs at all, we have this incredible technology available—along with the mobility lifts for trucks—to help you to keep on trucking! Contact Life Essentials at (765) 563-3158 to see how we can make you more mobile!