You wake up to the sound of birds singing distantly with their calls echoing across the surface of a babbling creek. As you inhale deeply and feel the first breath of morning air hit your lungs, you brim with excitement. Unzipping the tent, you welcome in the rays of the morning sun that break across the distant mountain range. While you’re unsure of what the day holds for you, the undeniable beauty of nature assures you, your time will be well spentElectric Wheelchair gives you back your freedom for life's adventures.
This doesn’t have to be a dream! Whether it’s reliving old adventures or setting out on new trails at Life Essentials, we are all about assisting people in pursuing their desires in life. We want to help you and loved ones get back to living your best life! We provide leading-edge technology and equipment to provide our customers with an excellent array of options that best suit their needs. Our innovative mindset is key to our products. With equipment like the electronic wheelchair or the running board, adventure awaits. Ready or not world, here we come!el

Our Electric Wheelchair Products

One of the products we offer that enable individuals to bring back intriguing endeavors into their lives is our Action Trackchair and Trackstander. This technology is designed to provide you with the most interactive experience possible. From traveling up mountain roads to cruising down sandy beaches, the Action Trackchair will help you become one with your environment. The Trackchair comes with a power seat tilt as a standard feature. This enables you to the get the most out of your daily experiences. Envision yourself fishing off of the beautiful shores of a beach with your family and friends. No longer will you have to sit on the sidelines. You can become a part of the adventure. 
Another option we are proud to make available to our clients is the Journeyman. This all-terrain electric wheelchair technology is known for its flexibility in handling surface conditions, as well as its reliability. The Journeyman’s adaptable machinery allows you to get through tight spaces while remaining powerful enough to conquer rough terrain. Its slim design even allows for easy access into bathrooms! Whatever the type of territory, the Journeyman will help you cruise through it. The Journeyman is able to power through even the toughest environments including deep mud and sand! One of the most powerful mobility technologies on the market, it has four electric motors that supply one horsepower to each of its rear tires. With its incredible adaptability, the Journeyman will help you get into the action of life, home, work, and recreational activities
Ready for the thrill of adventure? We know we are! Life Essentials is ready to help you grasp that sense of adventure that pulls in excitement into your daily life. Contact us to learn which electric wheelchair option is best for you and your lifestyle!