The open road has been a symbol of freedom for generations. More than just a way to travel the country, the roadways are often the gateways to vacation as well. From camping to simply traveling in style and comfort, RVs and motorhomes are an incredible asset for the adventuring family. At Life Essentials, we understand that the freedom of the road is a right for everyone. Get back on the road and back to your favorite campsites with a wheelchair lift for your motorhome.

At our Brookston, IN, location, we manufacture and install wheelchair lifts for RVs and motorhomes of all shapes and sizes. No matter if you have owned a motorhome for years or if you are looking to purchase a new RV, we have a lift that will work for you. We accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs of all makes and models.

Life Essentials has four main members of the RV and motorhome product line: custom-built hand controlsstep assistsrunning boards, and chair lifts. Our wheelchair lifts are designed for maximum functionality and durability for years of easy-to-use service. Our models are designed to tailor to a variety of needs. Want a lift to simply lift you into the motorhome? We have you covered! Looking for a lift for you and your chair both? We can provide your solution!

Our step assist lift is our most popular lift for both RVs and motorhomes. It is designed for people who have difficulty maneuvering up stairs. The compact design fits easily onto most models and hardly adds any additional weight to the vehicle. The lift operates quickly to raise the user into the doorway, allowing convenient access for all. The step assist will take someone from the ground level to the floor level of the motorhome with just the push of a button.

Before buying your new motorhome, be sure to consult your mobility expert to see what modifications may be required for your specific needs. No two wheelchair users are the same, make sure you get the personal treatment you deserve. Our friendly staff will work with you to assess your needs and tailor-make your modifications for you and your family. Our products never sit on a self; every piece of equipment is made specifically for you.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a loss of mobility, consider the benefits of a chair lift and the independence they provide. Don’t let loss of mobility stop you from seeing the world. Give Life Essentials in Brookston, Indiana, a call and see how we can lift to you towards the vacation you have been dreaming of.


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