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Life Essentials Videos

Customer Videos of Our Mobility Products

Our videos show stories of how we have helped people gain back their independence and work past their disability. Watch our videos to learn how Life Essentials changes lives!

Mobility Equipment - Their Story

Mark farms and has cattle in Indiana. He has Life Essentials Journeyman Scooter, a lift to get in his truck, Life Essentials Pilot Lifts on his tractors and combine. He also has a Life Essentials Personal home lift for his bedroom and bathroom.

Using the Life Essentials Pilot Lift, Gary is back in the tractor after many years of not being able. He also has custom hand controls on the tractor.

Rob uses the Life Essentials journeyman Scooter and Platform Lift on his produce farm.

Custom Mobility Equipment

Life Essentials Truck Mounted Lift to get a disabled person into the farm and off-road equipment. Reaches 12' high and 14' out from the driver's side of the truck. Will get the person out of the driver seat and into their equipment. Radio remote control operation. Life Essentials, changing lives one lift at a time.

Life essentials flatbed handicap lift takes you from the seat of the truck to your combine, tractor, etc....

Life Essentials lift takes Ed from his wheelchair to the seat of this tractor.

Hubert plowing snow with the Journeyman Scooter. Blade easily attaches, goes up and down with the seat actuator. Pretty good for a double amputee in a wheelchair.

Handicap lift for home, bedroom, and bathroom by Life Essentials.

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