Changing Lives - One Mobility Lift at a Time

The Aspirations of Li
fe Essentials

Living with a disability can complicate daily tasks tenfold. Even actions like moving from one room to another to answer the phone can become challenging. Life Essentials understands this issue and wants to make a change. We want to help you do what you need to get done. Our wide range of products is key to our strategy. By offering mobility lifts, like home chair lifts and vehicle lifts, Life Essentials can help you gain control of your life. 
Life Essentials’ products can be found worldwide. Our brand is present in places like Sweden, England, Australia, South America, India, and Canada. Every day, our company works to better the lives of those who may have a disadvantage when it comes to mobility. We pride ourselves in what we do and hope that wherever our products may go, we satisfy every individual who invests in Life Essentials. 

Mobility Lifts in Your Own Home 

Envision yourself in your own home. What if you need help getting from one room to another within your own house? I’m sure we can all see how this could get frustrating. Life Essentials can provide you with the product you need to lead an independent life. With our team at your side, your independence will further develop, and you will no longer need the assistance of others for tasks that used to require additional aid. One life-changing product we offer is the home chair lift. This product will enable you or a loved one to get from one level of your home to another without having to wait for the assistance of another person. This alone develops the user’s freedom of mobility. 
Mobility lifts, like our home chair lifts, can especially help individuals who have become immobile gain back a sense of their normal life. Those who have lost their ability to move throughout their lifespan are more than likely living in a home that does not accommodate to their needs. That means that these individuals will greatly be limited to only one of the levels of their home if they do not have another person to assist them. Life Essentials can prevent this inconvenience and allow you or a loved one to once again, inhabit your own home.

Immobility and Its Many Effects

Losing your ability to get from one place to another affects individuals in several ways. Not only are they physically affected, but they may also feel this disadvantage alter their lives on emotional and mental levels as well. A home chair lift can help make the transition into their new life circumstances much more doable. With our product, the user will be more capable of doing daily tasks and thus refrain from self-doubt and internal criticism. That is one less aspect of life that they need to rely on another individual for. 

Safety First

Not only can home chair lifts help boost the independence levels of an individual, but they can also improve the safety circumstances of an environment. Certain, particularly driven individuals, may tend to avoid asking for help. Though this shows an independent and strong character, it proves to create a setting for an accident to take place. The risk of the situation multiplies if the danger of stairs is added to the equation. For this reason, home chair lifts are perfect for those suffering from immobility. An independent individual can continue to go through daily tasks without the aid of another person, meanwhile, doing so safely. 

Life Essentials Providing the Necessities

Whether you have a friend or relative that has disabilities or you are personally living with one; Life Essentials can help improve your lifestyle. We can provide the services you need to create a sense of normalcy in your life. No matter if you were born with your disability or if it was acquired, Life Essentials’ products will make a significant difference in how you go about your daily life. With more than 37 years of industry building experience, there is no better company to trust when it comes to gaining your freedom. We are confident that our designs and constant striving towards innovation will prove to provide you with the products you need to regain control of your life.