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Commercial vehicle hand controls

Stay Mobile: Get a Hand Clutch Control for your Devices

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

  Are you having trouble controlling ride on vehicles due to lower body injuries or joint issues? Do you want the freedom of driving your own vehicle and taking care of your own lawn? Look no further than Life Essentials hand clutch control for all your vehicles. Here at Life Essentials we believe that you shouldn’t be…

lift recliner

Life Happens, Get a Lift Recliner

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

Life Happens, Get a Lift Recliner Do you want a comfy recliner chair but have issues getting out of all of the recliners that you’ve tried out due to joint issues or injury? Look no further than the Life Essential’s lift recliners for the comfy recliner chair that you’ve been wanting, but with the extra lift you…

steps for trucks

Keep on Trucking: Get a Handicap Step for Getting in Your Truck

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

Keep on Trucking: Get a Handicap Step for Getting in Your Truck Are you having trouble getting into your truck? Getting older isn’t easy for anyone. If you love your truck or need to drive it for work purposes, don’t let your mobility issues get in the way of your everyday life. It can be…

Recliner Chairs for your Bedroom, Living Room, and Life!

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

Getting up and out of your favorite chair just might not be as easy as it used to be. If you or a loved one is facing this reality, then maybe it is time to look into getting a lift chair. A lift chair is a recliner with a motor that lifts the chair to different…

Easily Get Into Your RV: Wheelchair Lifts for Motorhomes

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

The open road has been a symbol of freedom for generations. More than just a way to travel the country, the roadways are often the gateways to vacation as well. From camping to simply traveling in style and comfort, RVs and motorhomes are an incredible asset for the adventuring family. At Life Essentials, we understand…

bedroom lift swing handicap equipment

Bedroom Chair Lifts for the Handicapped

By Life Essentials | June 12, 2018

Having trouble getting in and out of bed? Life Essentials in Brookston, Indiana provides the solution for your mobility needs using home lifts. It can be a hassle for those with mobility problems to lift themselves in and out of bed every day.  Installing a home lift provides an easy to use a system that removes…

Regain your mobility with Life Essentials electric wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchair: Bringing Back Adventure

By Life Essentials | July 3, 2018

You wake up to the sound of birds singing distantly with their calls echoing across the surface of a babbling creek. As you inhale deeply and feel the first breath of morning air hit your lungs, you brim with excitement. Unzipping the tent, you welcome in the rays of the morning sun that break across…

Farm Life Made Easy with the Lawn Mower Lift

By Life Essentials | August 6, 2018

I remember my grandpa from my childhood. He was always the type of man to stay busy. He liked to work with his hands and make sure the farm stayed nice and tidy. He was the epitome of a hardworking man, his hands always dirty from that day’s labor. Whether it was fixing the engine…

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