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mobility lift chairs

Mobility Equipment – Lift Chairs and More

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  They say that home is where the heart is. Each day when you get home, you are greeted by your cozy bed, the warm embrace of your loved ones, and the chance to reminisce about fond memories and the potential of creating new ones. A home is a place where you can rest after…

mobility equipment

Changing Lives – One Mobility Lift at a Time

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

The Aspirations of Life Essentials Living with a disability can complicate daily tasks tenfold. Even actions like moving from one room to another to answer the phone can become challenging. Life Essentials understands this issue and wants to make a change. We want to help you do what you need to get done. Our wide…

mobility chairs for independence

How You Can Make the Most of Your Mobile Seat Lifts

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  Life is about the searching for newer outlooks and experiences, but how do you overcome this challenge and learn to see brighter perspectives when there are so many limitations weighing you down? These limitations may include growing olderor even an accident that has placed a strain on your ability to work. You have lost sight of your…

Tractor pilot lift for agricultural uses

Take Your Life Back with Hand Controls

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  Bob woke up early on a chilly, January morning and bundled himself in layers of clothing. He carried out his daily chores for the day until suddenly his sweatshirt got caught in the machinery, which caused him to dislocate his arm. He went through various therapy sessions and took time to let his arm heal,…

handicap scooters

Restoring Your Independence at Work, in the Home, and Outdoors!

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  Independence is everything, especially in the field of agriculture. Here at Life Essentials, we believe independence is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle! Do you want to be independent throughout your home and at work with the help of mobility equipment? Have you ever wanted to go off-roading in your mobility chair? If so,…

Automated stair lift

Say You Can Take The Stairs Again, Use Our Stair Lift in The Comfort of Your Home

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  Many people face the problem of impairments or old age and suddenly cannot use the second floor of their home. Why let your impairment take over your life?  Life Essentials can provide you residential lift services such as a stair lift so you can take charge again! How Do I Use It? All of…

Agricultural platform lifts

Pain Getting in the Way of Work? Vehicle Platform Lifts Can Help

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  As the summer starts winding down, the best time of year is here; harvest season. You have worked tirelessly on the fields of your farm to help provide for your family and now is the time to finally reap the benefits. You wake up early in the morning, ready to take on a full…

Mobility trucks lifts

Grab a Seat: Mobility Lifts for Trucks

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  Look at this man; he’s injured his leg. How did he injure his leg? It doesn’t matter. Now he has to deal with it. Well, how will he do that? “None of that talk,” he says. He’ll never give up—an injured leg isn’t enough to stop him—so he’s going to work. But he has…

bedroom lift swing handicap equipment

Going to Sleep Should Be Easy: Bedroom Swing Lift

By lifeessentials | June 12, 2018

  So you’ve been getting older. You just aren’t the spring chicken you used to be. Whether your circumstances are due to an accident, a handicap or purely old age, you just can’t get around as easily anymore. It seems that getting in and out of bed is the worst part of your day. Well…

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