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How We Can Help: Patient Lifts

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How We Can Help: Patient Lifts
Caregiving can be a huge responsibility, but it is also very fulfilling to see your patient happy and healthy. We understand that as a caregiver, you try your best to make your patient feel comfortable and safe. With patient lifts, you not only give safe and comfortable feelings to the patient, but to you, the caregiver, as well. 
Patient lifts are perfect for caregivers and medical institutions such as hospitals and nursing institutions that need help transporting their patients. The patient lifts give comfort to both caregivers and patients, and are completely safe. They can be used to transport patients to and from wheelchairs, bathrooms, beds, etc. and the quality of these have greatly improved in the past few years. 

Making Life Better, Accessible Way: 

Lift users are individuals who are either impaired or have some sort of mobility restrictions. Patient lifts were designed to fill that restriction and ease the caregiver’s responsibility. These lifts also make the caregivers job saferBefore chair lifts, both patients and caregivers could be in danger if transport was done by the caregiver. Instead, these lifts allow caregivers to transport patients by the push of a button. 

Picture This: 

In case you are still unsure about whether a patient lift is fit for your home or business, picture this situation. A patient or family member has shown a recent decline in mobility, so you are responsible for all of their transportation. You buy a wheelchair and transfer all of their essentials to one floor, so stairs are no longer a problem. However, as time goes on you notice that things are continuously getting worse, and you have to physically lift them from the wheelchair to the bed and other places. You’re fine doing this, but it is starting to cause strain and stress on your body; you’ve run into a sticky situation. So, you call Life Essentials. We understand your situation and devote our work to making situations like this easier. We will recommend you a patient lift or a medical device used to assist caregivers in moving patients with limited mobility from a bed, wheelchair, shower, or toilet and safely transfer them to a different location.

Ah Yes, Cost: 

We know that the immobility of a family member can sometimes become a hefty price tag, but we want to ensure that both you and your family are happy and comfortable. Therefore, we have many financing options and information on our website for your convenienceHowever, there are many online resources that can point you in the direction of affordability. If you are still unsure, we have listed some of our frequently asked questions below, but we also have a resources page on our website for more information.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty?

Most of our mobility lifts and equipment have a one-year manufacturers limited warranty. If the mobility lift has been cared for and not abused, we usually cover manufacturers parts for two years. Some of the purchased parts have a two-year limited warranty on them. 

Are they readily available?

We can usually ship the standard residential lift out by the next day. If it requires modifications, it would usually take two weeks. PrideLift Chairs are generally available within a couple of days depending on the fabric choice. 

How long will it last?

This depends on the lift you buy. We build most of our lifts so that they will survive and work for the owner for many, many years. A lot of our products have proven to last because of the high-quality material. 

How much will it cost? 

Well, depending on whether it is a residential or commercial situation, you will need to come in for a consultation. Since all of our lifts are made personally, we would need to know exactly what you want and need before setting a price. 

How much weight will it hold?

Most of our mobility lift systems are made to handle a 350 lb. person.  However, if you need a heavier lift, we can make them handle more weight.

How much maintenance will it need?

Chain driven lifts need a spray of chain lube three times a year. We always ask that the lifts be inspected for loose bolts and pinched wires.

Life Essential Lifts 

Life Essential has over 37 years of direct experience in the rehabilitation and automotive equipment technology industries. We are known for a variety of lifts, but we are not constrained to those. We can custom build machines for any need you might have, so all of our services and products are personal. In addition, we train you to use your equipment, deal with your disability, and work beyond your limitations. 
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