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Life Happens, Get a Lift Recliner

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Life Happens, Get a Lift Recliner

Life Happens, Get a Lift Recliner

Do you want a comfy recliner chair but have issues getting out of all of the recliners that you’ve tried out due to joint issues or injury? Look no further than the Life Essential’s lift recliners for the comfy recliner chair that you’ve been wanting, but with the extra lift you need to help you get out of the chair when you want and get on with your everyday life.

The lift recliner would be good for someone who lives alone or likes being independent and not asking others for help. The chair has a smooth slow lifting motion, which helps anyone in the chair go from completely seated to an almost standing position with the support of the chair arms to help them the rest of the way up. The lift recliners could also be good for someone who may lose their balance or can't find the strength in their legs while getting up due to injury or another reason because with the chair behind them if they do lose strength or balance they can just fall back on the chair for support. The lift recliner could also be good for someone who has joint issues because of the smooth slow lifting motion might help prevent any further joint issues from happening whereas the a fast movement might be uncomfortable or cause further injury.

The lift recliner could also be good for someone who recently had a lower body surgery and would have a hard time sleeping in a normal bed such as a knee surgery or hip surgery. Rolling around in bed to find the perfect position might become uncomfortable for someone who just had surgery on a knee or hip, getting up would also be very painful. With the lift recliner they can elevate their feet to where they are comfortable, the chair would be comfortable for them to sleep in, and because the chair has a slow, smooth lifting motion it could be less painful for the recovering person to get up and walk around if they needed to by themselves. The chair behind them as mentioned earlier could be their support to fall back on if they don't have the strength in their legs or get tired from the movement.

If you know of anyone who has always wanted a recliner but you know they will need help getting out of the chair or if you know of anyone who has recently had some kind of lower body surgery or has a lower body injury, let them know about the lift recliners from Life Essentials.


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