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Handicap Lifts and Steps for Cars, Trucks & RV's

Don’t give up on traveling. Outdoor life, camping, and roadtrips are all entirely possible with the right equipment. You can get back to the activities you have always loved with the people who are most important to you in no time with Life Essentials.

Let us fix your RV! The Step Assist Lift, Seat Lift, Swing-n-Go Lift, and other internal modifications make entering, operating and functioning in your RV, motorhome or camper easier than ever before.

Experience Building Custom Disability Lifts for Vehicles

From tractor lifts to equestrian lifts, we have the mobility lifts you need. We use the latest innovations to build products that increase mobility and let you work independently. 37 years of experience have taught us what’s important to working past your disability.

We build lifts for boat docks, tractors, bedroom swing lifts, combines, bathroom lift equipment, trucks and more. We never want to limit your choices; that’s why we custom build our equipment to meet your needs. With our training and help, you can forget about your limitations and perform the tasks that let you live your life freely and easily.