Commercial Products

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Commercial Accessibility Lifts and Equipment

Do you want to work for yourself, but think you would be unable to get around? Are you an employer who is interested in making the workplace more accessible to all your employees? Life Essentials offers a host of commercial mobility products that will enable you to maintain employment.

We can install vehicle hand controls on your farming equipment or semi, running boards or flat-bed lifts for your truck, permanent mounts, and mobility lifts. If you have a problem with mobility at work, we can come up with a solution.

Experience in Manufacturing Equipment

Life Essentials is able to build a large number of different equipment types. Our equipment includes lifts for trucks, tractors, bathrooms, homes, boat docks, motor homes, combines and more. We never want to limit your options – that’s why we offer custom built equipment to meet your unique needs. We have over 37 years of experience in building automotive equipment for technology industries and we believe in innovation in design. When you purchase equipment from us we train you to use the equipment and work beyond your disability. Get back your independence with Life Essentials.