Forget limitations on the job. Life Essentials has hand controls and lift access to remove frustrations
and leave you free to do your job independently. We have already touched lives in Sweden, England, Australia, South America, India, and Canada. Wherever you are, we are there to help!

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Every year, thousands of people are born with, or acquire disabilities. While it can be frustrating, you don’t need to let it restrict you. Life Essentials will enable you to take back your life and regain your independence. Our mobility products can assist you in everyday and work activities such as mobility, farming, horeseback riding, truck driving, industry work, and many activities at home and at play. We don’t see your disability as a disadvantage – we want to get you back in the driver’s seat and ready to go!

Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin conducted case studies. Life Essentials, Inc. has a 98.8% success rate of putting people back to work who want to go back to work and also remain independent for longer than if they didn't use our mobility equipment. Are you ready to start your success story?

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Agriculture Lifts Hand Controls Life Essentials Brookston IN

Agriculture Equipment

Your farm is your life. Why should a disability stop you from doing what you need to? Explore Life Essentials agricultural equipment and get back to your farm.

Farm Mobility

Commercial Handicap Hand Controls in the Workplace Life Essentials Brookston IN

Commercial Equipment

Forget limitations on the job. Life Essentials hand controls and lift access remove frustrations and leave you free to do your job independently.

Commercial Mobility

Home Lifts Chair Lifts Bedroom and Bathroom Swing Chairs Life Essentials Brookston IN

Residential Equipment

Your home is the last place you want to feel limited. Move around naturally and easily with Life Essentials’ best residential aids for stairs, bathrooms and more.

Residential Mobility

Automobile RV Hand Controls Mobility Accessible Lifts Life Essentials Brookston IN

Auto/ RV Equipment

Get in and go! Our RV modifications make entering, operating, and living in your vehicle easy. A disability won’t slow you down with Life Essentials help.

Auto Mobility

Life Essentials helps you become more independent.

Everyone faces obstacles in life – but movement shouldn’t be one of them. Take back your ability to move freely and be self-reliant, enjoy the outdoors, and do any job you need to. Everyone at Life Essentials is ready to meet your personal mobility needs with quality products and the best in customer service.

Mobility Products


Mark farms and raises cattle in Indiana. He uses a Life Essentials Journeyman scooter, a mobile lift to get it in his truck, a Life Essentials pilot lift for his tractor and combine. He also has a Life Essentials personal home lift for his bedroom and bathroom.


Gary uses a Life Essentials pilot lift and hand controls with his tractor. He is now back in the driver's seat after many years of not being able to perform the work he wanted to accomplish on his farm.

Life essentials customer "Founder Hubert Von Holten not only designs the assistive technology at Life Essentials, he uses them. Most of the machinery at Life Essentials is used by Hubert himself on a day to day basis. Hubert and his staff personally design and build all of the machinery at Life Essentials so you can maintain your independence and improve your quality of life just like Hubert did."